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    Hey guys!

    In August I am going to Montenegro for a month. In the first week I am doing the Peaks of the Balkan trail. But I will have 3 more weeks after that. (or 2 and a half…)

    In the other 3 weeks I would like to go Hiking in Montenegro and finish in Sarajevo (Bosnia) but I have no idea how to start making a trail.

    My idea was to go off road and so we dont have to follow a trail. I would like to set waypoints but It seems like a hell of a job to start.. Does anyone have recommandations for me how I can start gather all my waypoints?

    Also, is it dangerous to go offroad ? I dont mind being in the nature for 4 days but I would like to refill my foodsupply after every 4 or 5 days at least.

    Thank you for reading this and I hope you guys can help me out !

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    In these countries it is important to stay on trail. There are still landmines left, especially in the mountains and there is no accurate information on which parts are to be avoided.

    I suggest that you follow the Via Dinarica white trail. If you visit this region, you should be experienced and know how to organise a hike, otherwise you better stick to the Alps.

2 berichten aan het bekijken - 1 tot 2 (van in totaal 2)
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